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Young Adult Books

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Love can be deadly. Especially when two young women fall for the same man - one a queen, the other her serving maid.


Elissa knows she is playing with fire, but she can't resist. Queen Dido suspects nothing until one fateful night...Secrets are revealed, hearts broken and as dawn breaks, a terrible tragedy unfolds.


A passionate tale of love, betrayal and revenge.


David Fickling Books Hardback - ISBN 0385615175


"A compelling read that creates a vivid picture of life in the ancient world, with an unforgettably powerful climax." Rosalind Kerven in the Northern Echo.


"Geras’s ability to weave a touching new tale in with the well-known one is unique to modern children’s authors; Dido is a shining new jewel to her crown. " Amanda Craig in The Times


"Adele Geras's Dido is a novelisation for young adults of the tragic love story...... She brings to it the accessibility, warmth and immediacy that she brought to TROY and ITHAKA." Patricia Elliott in the online review magazine, Armadillo.


"A shining new jewel to her crown. "

- Amanda Craig in The Times

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